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After years of chronic back pain I found myself no longer able to enjoy the basic athletic and outdoor activities I grew up loving. Finally I’d had enough — I got my breast reduction in August of 2016 and saw my quality of life improve almost overnight. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. Once the incisions had healed I felt a lightness I hadn’t felt in years. I was able to run, I was able to hike, I was able to go to the gym without two sports bras.


Hi, I’m Meghan Fitzpatrick

I created the JellyBra because the world needed it.

After a year had passed the only reminder of my operation was my set of big red anchor scars. I had used Mederma®, vitamin E, coconut oil, creams, Kelo-cote®… everything! Still, I wasn’t thrilled with the results – it wasn’t obvious to me that these products were helping my scars heal any more than time alone. Like I said, they were still thick, red, and noticeable.

Visiting home for the holidays, I mentioned to my plastic surgeon uncle how frustrated I was with my scars. I loved everything the operation had given me but the scars. That’s when my uncle introduced me to silicone gel sheeting strips. I wore them 23 hours a day, seven days a week, and was delighted to see noticeable improvement in only two months!

That said, the adhesives came with their own set of headaches. I had to be carefully peel them off for showers and exercise, and each set of strips lost their adhesion in about a week. Maintaining this scar therapy regime cost me $400 per month. It was time consuming. I dreaded “unpacking” myself multiple times a day to take off the strips, wash them, dry them, and reapply them. Manually treating my scars two or three times a day just seemed to make them bigger in my mind.

I wanted to quit trying, as I now know many women do.

Instead of buying another set of silicone gel adhesives, I searched online for a bra with a silicone gel inner lining. I figured it would accomplish the same results while being much more convenient and comfortable. To my shock and dismay, such a bra didn’t exist... so I set out to make one for myself. And then another, and another.


The first JellyBra prototype

Don’t worry, this isn’t what I’m making these days.

I won’t lie: the first prototypes were ugly. But when I showed them to friends and family members who'd had breast surgeries, they loved the concept. It became clear that this was something women like me needed — scar therapy as easy as getting dressed.

I’ve been working since late 2017 to bring the JellyBra to life. After multiple rounds of prototyping with our manufacturer, we’ve developed a beautiful and high-quality product that I couldn’t be more excited to share with you. The first batch of 500 JellyBras is currently in production and will be available soon! :)

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally, my email is meghan@jellymedical.com — I’d love to hear your story and I’m looking for ambassadors to help share the JellyBra with anyone who might need it!

-Meghan Fitzpatrick, JellyMedical Labs Founder & CEO


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I’m so excited to share the JellyBra with you!