What is The JellyBra?

The JellyBra is an easy, hassle-free, low-commitment way to treat your new and old scars. We have combined the healing powers of silicone and scar pressure therapy in a bra…just like the one you wear everyday, but better.


Who is The JellyBra for?

Anyone with new or old scars on their breast(s). We have thrilled customers who have come to us to help reduce scarring from burns, scrapes, and surgical wounds. Most of our customers have undergone a breast reduction, lift, augmentation, mastectomy, lumpectomy, or similar procedure.

How much does the JellyBra cost?

The JellyBra will cost $220 USD, which includes shipping.

How do I use the JellyBra?

Just like a normal bra! For best results, we recommend sleeping in it. No more irritating adhesives, no having to remember putting on creams or gels—the JellyBra conforms seamlessly to your everyday lifestyle.


Is the JellyBra machine washable?

You better believe it! The boiling point of silicone is 400 degrees, so you are a-okay to wash it. We recommend hanging it to dry as you would with your other bras.


Where can I find The JellyBra?

Exclusively through our website!


Will my scars disappear completely?

The JellyBra will help fade, soften, and flatten scars. Results vary from person-to-person as every body [sic] heals differently.  No honest product can guarantee that your scars will disappear completely.


How long after surgery can I start using The JellyBra?

Unlike other scar treatments, you can start using The JellyBra right away! However, this decision is best made with the input of your surgeon or physician—Please consult with your doctor first.


Can I use The JellyBra with other scar treatment products?

Yes! You can use whatever you like. However, we find the best treatment for scars is silicone and pressure. The JellyBra has you covered!


What is your shipping policy?


All orders ship free, usually within 1 week!


Shipping rates are provided on a case-by-case basis depending on location and shipping speed. We promise to get your JellyBra to you as quickly and affordably as possible!