Vitamins, Minerals, and Medicine Oh My!

You can expedite your post-op recovery by prepping your body before surgery. 

Here’s how!


1.     Start taking a general multivitamin as soon as you schedule your surgery date! Of course, we should ideally be taking a multivitamin every day, but we all buy that bottle and forget it in a bathroom drawer sometimes! Fish it out of the junk drawer and start taking them now!

2.     Arnica, arnica, and more arnica! I can’t say enough good things about taking arnica pills before your surgery. These pills help mitigate bruising and keep swelling down. Start taking them three days before surgery, and then continue until you empty out the bottle.  2 tablets a day, three times per day.

3.     Bromelain, an anti-swelling pill, is a great tool. Start this two days before surgery and continue until you finish the bottle. 2 pills a day, three times a day. 



1.     Everyone should start bathing with a germ-inhibiting soap such as Dial in order to minimize germs that can get on skin. Start a week before surgery, and continue using as you heal. 



1.     Some doctors will recommend a 30-day detox program with supplements. These detox regimens aid your kidney and improve liver function so that your body can process out the anesthesia and other meds more quickly. This is something that I did and I think it contributed to my super fast recovery. 



1.     To prep for surgery, we want to make sure our bodies have proteins and fats to heal quickly and repair damaged skin, tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. Eat more protein and good fats as found in chicken breast, avocados, and nuts.

2.     Make sure to get enough fiber. Pain meds and anesthesia drugs do a number on our digestive systems. That means we might get backed up after surgery. Fiber will help prevent that! Fiber can be found in flaxseed, veggies, and bran.

3.     Take Vitamin C tablets leading up the surgery. This will help prevent against common colds that can derail your surgery plans as doctors will not operate if you are sick.


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Meghan Fitzpatrick