Breast Surgeries for All are on the Rise

Hey all!

Today, we want to bring you all the data we’ve been working with here at JellyMedical!

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2017, the most common and popular cosmetic surgery in the US was the…

Breast Augmentation! AKA an Augmentation Mammoplasty. In 2017, 300,378 augs were performed in the US. That’s a 41% increase since 2000.

Breast lifts, or Mastopexies, which are sometimes a part of a Breast Reduction surgery were performed 105,219 times last year. This is a 99% increase from the over 50,000 that were performed in 2000.

Breast implant removals come in at 27,507.

The surgery we speak a lot to here at JellyMed is the Breast Reduction which sits at a comfortable 43,635. Now, here is the catch. We can’t find comprehensive data worldwide or in the US about how many reductions are performed each year. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons only tracks reductions for “aesthetic” purposes only, AKA reductions not covered by insurance, or not deemed “medically necessary”. This sector is opaque; they don’t even have data from 2000. All we know is that reductions are becoming more and more common! They are up 11% from 2016!

Another cool trend is that men are getting reductions (known as Gynecomastia) at just over half the rate at which women get aesthetic breast reductions. There were an estimated 26,839 surgeries for men in 2017!

All-in-all, women and men alike are taking control of their bodies, and we stand for that here at JellyMedical!


Meghan and the Jellies :) 


Meghan Fitzpatrick