Why Silicone is Superior

Hey JellyFriends!


We have great news! According to Research and Markets, the world’s largest market research collection, the “increased demand and popularity of silicone-based gels, sheets, and creams for scar treatments in recent years is one major trend in the market.”

More importantly, silicone products have “gained popularity in recent years because they help reduce the size and darkness of scar and protect the wound from moisture and further infection.”

JellyBra does all this and more, which the added benefit of you not having to do anything differently after the trauma of surgery. You can wear a normal bra like you do everyday…all while discretely healing your scars!

Plus, unlike silicone sheets, we have zero adhesives on our bras. That means that you won’t get that nasty rash or itch that some women get from an allergic reaction to adhesives. We're looking out for your best self! 


Love you all!


Meghan and The Jellies


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